14_plasticity_and_brain_dev - Plasticity is a defining...

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1 1 Plasticity is a defning Feature oF the brain • Plasticity in neural development • Plasticity at molecular level –Changes in neurotransmitter receptors in response to synaptic activity level • Plasticity in endocrine regulation –Pheromone exposure can delay or accelerate puberty • Plasticity in sensory systems –Visual, auditory, tactile (somatosensory) 2 Diverse temporal constraints 3 Examples oF plasticity in adult brain • Regeneration oF sensory neurons in olFactory system • Why: to maintain Function and minimize susceptibility to damage
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2 4 Cerebral changes result from experience • Rosenzweig: manipulated rearing conditions, measured effects on neurochemistry and neuroanatomy • Rearing conditions: –Standard (SC) • 3 rats, standard lab cage –Impoverished (IC) • 1 rat, standard lab cage –Enriched (EC) • 10-12 rats, big cage with objects to explore 5 Effects of experience on brain • Assigned to rearing condition at weaning (25 days) –Remained in condition for 80 days • EC animals: –Greater AChE in cerebral cortex –Heavier, thicker cerebral cortex • Largest differences in occipital cortex • Larger cell bodies (higher metabolic rate) • Experiment replicated with adult rats, shorter time scales, other species (mice, gerbils, ground squirrels, cats,
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14_plasticity_and_brain_dev - Plasticity is a defining...

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