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1 Developmental Psychology Prelim 1 review Spring 2009 The exam will include material from lecture (including 2/18), the textbook (chapters 1 – 5 and p. 205 – 216 from chapter 6), video, and the supplemental readings. The Hay and Brooks readings will not be on the exam. The questions will be a mix of multiple-choice, very-short-answer (a few words or a sentence), and not-so-short answer (a few sentences). The outline integrates material from the text, readings, videos, and lecture, and is intended only as an overview of the material to help you keep everything organized. Do not use this outline as an indication of the level of detail you will need to know, as it merely skims the surface.
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2 I. Introduction to developmental science (chapters 1,2) A. Examples of a psychobiological approach B. Experimental design 1. Independent, dependent variables 2. Extraneous and confounding variables C. Criteria of scientific description 1. Objectivity, reliability, replicability, validity D. Problems with the “cake” metaphor of development 1. Cloned kittens example E. Multicausality 1. “A not B error” F. Three types of nested timescales 1. real time, developmental time, evolutionary time 2. as applied to the “A not B error” G. Continuous and discontinuous development H. Proximate and ultimate causation I. Levels of organization/levels of complexity 1. “levels of analysis chauvinism” 2. nominal fallacies (examples) J. Braitenberg vehicles 1. Law of uphill analysis and downhill invention 2. Implications of the emergence of complex behavior from simple mechanisms a) for human infant development
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prelim_1_2009_review - 1 Developmental Psychology Prelim 1...

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