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Psychology 209: Developmental Psychology, Spring 2009 Parent Kit 1 Names: _______________________________ Due: March 30 You may do this project in pairs. If you do, please submit only one report per group. Remember to put both of your names on it. Background As developmental psychologists learn more about how children learn and grow, we hope to pass some valuable information along to parents. However, there is a gap between the way research findings get communicated in the scientific community and what parents would find helpful. We need to connect findings from the lab to decisions that real families have to make. In this assignment, you will design a parent kit that incorporates the knowledge we have about children at a particular age, but presents it in a way that is easy to understand and shows how particular research findings could translate into everyday activities. Imagine that you work for a company that markets educational products. You’ve been assigned to work with a team on the development of a parent kit. The kit will include information and
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assign_3_parent_kit - Psychology 209: Developmental...

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