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Developmental Psychology, Spring 2009 Socialization and gender Names: ______________________________________________ Due: April 22 You may do this project in pairs. If you do, please submit only one report per group. Remember to put both of your names on it. How do infants and children develop behavior that is gender-typical? One possible influence is gender socialization , in which children learn gender roles from the appearance and behavior of others. For this assignment, you will assess the degree to which parents afford opportunities for gender socialization in the ways that they dress their infants and children. Go to a public place, such as the Commons, the farmer’s market (open on Saturdays), or the mall, and observe a wide age range of infants and children. Remember to be inconspicuous and do not interact with children you don’t know. 1. Come up with operational definitions of five categories of gender-typical clothing and accessories. These definitions describe how clothing differs when worn by males and females. Clothing category
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assign_4_socialization_and_gender - Psychology 2090:...

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