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How to write a discussion question for Developmental Psychology “A discussion question is one that invokes thought, synthesis, criticism, integration, comparison, evaluation, debate, distress, and hollering.” -- Esther Thelen Submit a one-paragraph discussion question motivated by an issue raised in the talk. A good discussion question is open-ended, not one with a yes/no answer. For example, you can question theoretical claims or apply a theory to a new issue, draw comparisons or contrasts between points in the talk and from class, or suggest a study that could be done to test a claim. In addition to your main question, you can
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Unformatted text preview: add questions on specific points from the presentation that seemed confusing or ambiguous. For the Tomasello talk, submit your discussion question at the beginning of class on Wednesday, April 1 . Late discussion questions will not be accepted. I will grade your questions on a three-level (4, 7, or 10 points) scale. If your grade on the discussion question is higher than one of your assignment grades, I will replace your assignment grade with the one from your discussion question. If you get all 10’s on the first three assignments and the discussion question, you don’t have to do the upcoming 4 th assignment....
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