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Psychology 2090: Developmental Psychology Research paper: “Observing development in action” Due date : April 29 As the course progresses, you will probably start to see topics we’ve discussed reflected in the behavior of real children. For this paper, I want you to go out and observe some children with the goal of seeing a developmental concept in action. You can study infants, children, or adolescents. You may choose to report on only one or any number of the children you observe. If you know a child—through a friend, neighbor, or relative—feel free to observe him or her with their parents’ agreement. Otherwise, you can observe children in a public place as long as you are inconspicuous . In other words—don’t stalk or interact with children you don’t know! In your paper, (1) identify the concept or phenomenon you think you observed; (2) briefly describe the conditions of your observation (where were you?, who were you observing?, etc.); (3) tell exactly what you saw and (4) explain how the behavior you observed exemplifies the
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Unformatted text preview: concept you identified. Also note your reactions to the observation. Was it what you expected? Was it consistent in every way with what you had learned in class? Did your observation give you any additional insight? Please limit your essay to TWO (2) double-spaced pages. Use one-inch margins and 12-point Times or Times Roman type. Your answer is to be brief, so be concise and cogent. Aim to develop an clear, concise thesis that draws support from information given in the lectures, text, and outside reading (i.e., journal articles or scholarly books – no popular press references or web pages please!). Resist the urge to support your ideas with opinions and personal experiences. Stick to the scientific facts. When citing your sources (at least 3), use APA style. Include a reference list on a separate page. Links to an online APA style guide can be found on the course Blackboard site....
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