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Unformatted text preview: Sean Vanderwall Professor Davé Astronomy 201 December 5, 2006 Article Title: “Let There Be Light” Article Source & Date: TIME Magazine, September 2006 Two astronomers, Ellis and his graduate assistant Stark got the chance of a life time to gaze into one of the most powerful telescopes in the world searching for evidence to confirm what they thought a few years before to be 6 faint galaxies over hundreds of millions of light years away. With the telescope up and running they searched a gigantic cluster for the 6 galaxies, unfortunately only finding three of them. The one night that Ellis and Stark were granted to use the sophisticated telescope had turned out to be a horrible night not because of the usual weather problems but because of the technical problems with the telescope. The engineers could not seem to get the telescope to focus due to what turned out to be an incorrect password but once the password was corrected the telescope was in perfect working order. All that was left to do was to search for the faint galaxies telescope was in perfect working order....
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