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UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO - BOULDER LEEDS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS ACCT 4250/5250 Fall 2009 Term Instructor: Erin Moran, CFO – Public Radio Capital Class time: Location: Tu/Th: 3:30 to 4:45 Koelbel 320 Office: Koelbel 215 Office Hours: Tu/Th: 4:45 to 5:30, by appointment Email: [email protected] Course Prerequisites: Prerequisite: ACCT 3230 Required Texts and Readings: 1 Financial Statement Analysis ( 10th edition), by Subramanyam, Wild, published by Irwin/McGraw Hill (2008) 2Text Web page : http://www.mhhe.com/subramanyam10e 3Additional materials as posted on the web Course Logistics: CU Learn is actively used for this course. Announcements, updates, class materials, etc. are all available through the CU Learn site. PPTs are made available at least one day ahead of time. Please consult the CU Learn site on a regular basis for upcoming assignments, due dates, etc. I try to check email a few times throughout the day. If you want to meet with me after class, please let me know prior to class either by emailing me in the morning or the day before. Course Description: This course focuses on the use of accounting information by decision-makers external to a company. This course material considers judgments made by investors, bank lending officers, donors and auditors. This class will focus on forecasts and lending decisions. Course Learning Objectives – At the end of this course, you should be able to: Analyze Financial Statements and related information to undertake financial analysis from the perspective of a lender, investor, auditor, acquirer, and donor: By using: - Ratios, trend analysis, comparative analysis for evaluation - Financials as the foundation for forecasting future performance - Other financial disclosures - “Real World” examples to understand financial and credit analysis, including guest
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speakers - Financial statements as foundation for lending decisions In addition to the learning objectives listed above, we will look at social-minded investing. We will use Microsoft Excel throughout this class. Strategies for Reaching the Objectives: A.Read and thoughtfully analyze text from the book and other provided materials before the assigned class, so that you are prepared to discuss issues, offer insights, evaluate others' ideas, and defend your own ideas. Participate in discussions by asking original questions, bringing in outside research articles, and relating personal experiences or observations to the class. B.Use helpful text materials such as check figures, information, assignments and readings on the course website. C.Attend every class for the entire class period. If you need to miss class, please contact me in advance. Grading Policy: The faculty and administration of the Leeds School are instituting a new grading policy beginning in Fall 2009. The policy places a maximum limit on the average grade (across all students) that can be assigned in a given course. One objective of the new policy is to counteract the effects of grade inflation. Another is to encourage greater consistency in average course grades among courses taught
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