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Index: GrowFAQ : What books, magazines, and discussion forums will help me learn more about growing? Added by: MisterIto Last edited by: snoofer Viewed: 663 times Rated by 7 users: 10.00/10 The following provide worthwhile information and insights. They are available by mail order from FS Book Co at www.fsbookco.com , Red Eye Press at www.redeyepress.com or New Moon Publishing at www.growingedge.com . Cannabis Culture, Growing Edge, High Times, and Practical Hydroponics are magazines which provide up to date information. [Editor's note: these books may be out of date &/or print] Closet Cultivator - Revised Edition by Ed Rosenthal from Last Gasp. An easy-to-handle and follow marijuana grow-guide, describing and illustrating by using examples of setting-up hidden (e.g. closet) mini-gardens. 128 pages, 55 illustrations. Cannabis Alchemy by Daniel Gold from Ronin Publishing. "The art of preparing extremely potent Cannabis (marijuana) products." Extraction and preparation of hashish and hash-oil. Also describes isomerization. This popular little book remains a classic from the 1970’s. 96 pages, illustrated. CO2, Temperature, & Humidity by Daniel Gold and Ed Rosenthal from Quick American Publishing. A newly revised guide to increasing yields with simple, practical techniques for indoor and greenhouse gardens, primarily through the use of supplemental CO2 which dramatically increases plant yields. 54 pages, illustrated. HASHISH! by Robert Connell Clarke from Red Eye Press. Covers the history of hashish in all major hashish cultures. Describes cultivation, manufacture, legendary and contemporary hashish, the hashish market and availability. Edited by Mel Frank. 339 pages with 261 photos, charts and illustrations. Hydroponic Food Production - 6th Edition, Hardback by Howard M. Resh, PhD
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42 - Index GrowFAQ What books magazines and discussion...

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