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Index: GrowFAQ : What do the three numbers on the fertilizer label stand for? Added by: MisterIto Last edited by: MisterIto Viewed: 244 times Rated by 20 users: 8.21/10 Most people believe N-P-K to stand for the nitrogen, phophorous, and potassium, but that is somewhat incorrect. These are commonly referred to as the major elements along with calcium, magnesium, and sulphur. They are the major contributing compounds in plant growth. N: nitrogen, used to stimulate new vegetative growth and overall health. P2O5: phosphorus oxide, used to stimulate flower development and rooting. K2O: potassium oxide, used to stimulate stem growth and overall health N-P-K ratings on the labels of fertilizers are misleading at best. They represent N: nitrogen, P2O5: phosphorus oxide, and K2O: potassium oxide. These molecular compound ratios are not the same as the elemental ppm of the associated primary element, except in the case of N. They are only the guaranteed minimum amount of the molecular compound. For
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