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Index: GrowFAQ : Lothar's recipe Added by: administrator Last edited by: administrator Viewed: 241 times Rated by 5 users: 7.00/10 Lothar's recipe for General Hydroponics 3-part nutrient solution designed for interrupted feedings like ebb-n-flow or drip. Values are given in Millilitres per Gallon. (Nice mix of standards, eh?) You should leach your system between the veg and the flower cycle or your plants may stretch. This is also designed for a 9 week strain so if you have a 7 week strain only go to 5 weeks then leach.
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Unformatted text preview: Weeks 5-6 and 7 are the same anyways. Weeks 8 and 9 are plain water for clearing. Veg Week-----1-----2 Grow----10----12 Bloom----3-----3 Micro----5-----6 Bloom Week-----1-----2-----3-----4-----5-----6-----7 Grow---2.5-----3-----3-----4-----4-----4-----4 Bloom---10----12----14----16----16----16----16 Micro----6-----6-----7-----8-----8-----8-----8 Ml per Gallon Last modified: 08:30 - Nov 15, 2000 Quicklink: http://overgrow.com/growfaq/75 GrowFAQ © 2000-2004 Overgrow faq:75 "Lothar's recipe" Compiled by QMP3T...
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