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Index: GrowFAQ : Can I have mature clones, without wasting the time invested growing the seedlings? Added by: 10k Last edited by: 10k Viewed: 624 times Rated by 8 users: 7.67/10 Something to think about when sexing seedlings. .. Force flowering a sexually mature seedling (or its clones), will always give you a better yield, and higher quality, more potent buds. But some ask, how can I wait so long for my seedlings to mature before I force flower them, my growspace only has enough clearance for three foot tall finished plants. Suppose (for the sake of arguement) that someone grew a seedling, and struck some clones from it when it was about "one month old". Keeping in mind that the clones are the same age as the plant they were taken from, the clones are also "one month old" on the day they cut from the donor plant. There are no hard fast rules, that say that you can't have clones in vegetative growth, "vegging to size", while you are waiting for the donor seedling(s) to reach maturity and show its preflowers. Once
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