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// Servant Locator for count objects import org.omg.PortableServer.*; import*; public class CountManagerActivator extends ServantActivatorPOA { public Servant incarnate(byte[] objectID, POA poa) { CountPOAServant servant; System.out.println(". ....incarnate called for object ID "+new String(objectID)); System.out.println(". ....creating new servant"); servant = new CountPOAServant(); System.out.println(". ....reading state from file"); try { FileInputStream f_In = new FileInputStream( new String(objectID) +".state"); BufferedReader b_In = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(f_In)); int sum = Integer.parseInt(b_In.readLine()); b_In.close(); f_In.close(); servant.sum(sum); System.out.println(". ....sum set to "+sum); } catch(Exception E)
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Unformatted text preview: { System.out.println(". ....exception encountered during state restore."); } return servant; } public void etherealize(byte objectID, POA poa, Servant servant, boolean cleanup_in_progress, boolean remaining_activations) { System.out.println(". ....etherealize called for object ID "+new String(objectID)); try { FileOutputStream f_Out = new FileOutputStream( new String(objectID) +".state"); PrintWriter b_Out = new PrintWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(f_Out)); int sum = ((CountPOAServant)(servant)).sum(); b_Out.println(""+sum); b_Out.close(); f_Out.close(); System.out.println(". ....sum saved as "+sum); } catch(Exception E) { System.out.println(". ....exception encountered during state save."); } } }...
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CountManagerActivator - {...

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