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Sheet1 Page 1 title,gross,opening,percent,theaters,Open$/theater,rating,genre,,, The Dark Knight,533.3,158.4,29.7,4366," $36,280.35 ",82,Action,,, Iron Man,318.4,98.6,31,4105," $24,019.49 ",79,Action,,, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,317.1,100.1,31.6,4260," $23,497.65 ",65,Action,,, Hancock,227.9,62.6,27.5,3965," $15,788.15 ",49,Action,,, Quantum of Solace,168.4,67.5,40.1,3451," $19,559.55 ",58,Action,,, The Incredible Hulk,134.8,55.4,41.1,3505," $15,805.99 ",61,Action,,, Wanted,134.5,50.9,37.9,3175," $16,031.50 ",64,Action,,, Get Smart,130.3,38.7,29.7,3911," $9,895.17 ",54,Action,,, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,102.5,40.5,39.5,3760," $10,771.28 ",31,Action,,, Journey to the Center of the Earth,101.7,21,20.7,2811," $7,470.65 ",57,Action,,, Eagle Eye,101.4,29.2,28.7,3510," $8,319.09 ",43,Action,,, 10,000 B.C.,94.8,35.9,37.8,3410," $10,527.86 ",34,Action,,, Valkyrie,82.7,21,25.4,2711," $7,746.22 ",56,Action,,, Jumper,80.2,27.4,34.1,3428," $7,993.00 ",35,Action,,, Cloverfield,80,40.1,50,3411," $11,756.08 ",64,Action,,, The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008),79.3,30.5,38.4,3560," $8,567.42 ",40,Action,,, Hellboy II: The Golden Army,76,34.5,45.5,3204," $10,767.79 ",78,Action,,, Spider-Man 3,336.5,151.1,44.9,4252," $35,536.22 ",59,Action,,, Transformers,319.2,70.5,22.1,4011," $17,576.66 ",61,Action,,, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,309.4,114.7,37.1,4362," $26,295.28 ",50,Action,,, I Am Legend,256.4,77.2,30.1,3606," $21,408.76 ",65,Action,,, The Bourne Ultimatum,227.5,69.3,30.5,3660," $18,934.43 ",85,Action,,, National Treasure: Book of Secrets,220,44.8,20.4,3832," $11,691.02 ",48,Action,,, 300 (Three- Hundred),210.6,70.9,33.7,3103," $22,848.86 ",51,Action,,, Rush Hour 3,140.1,49.1,35,3778," $12,996.29 ",44,Action,,, Live Free or Die Hard,134.5,33.4,24.8,3408," $9,800.47 ",69,Action,,, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,131.9,58.1,44,3959," $14,675.42 ",45,Action,,, Ghost Rider,115.8,45.4,39.2,3619," $12,544.90 ",35,Action,,, Beowulf,82.3,27.5,33.4,3153," $8,721.85 ",59,Action,,, Disturbia,80.2,22.2,27.7,2925," $7,589.74 ",62,Action,,, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,423.3,135.6,32,4133," $32,809.10 ",53,Action,,, X-Men: The Last Stand,234.4,102.8,43.8,3690," $27,859.08 ",58,Action,,, The Da Vinci Code,217.5,77.1,35.4,3735," $20,642.57 ",46,Action,,, Superman Returns,200.1,52.5,26.3,4065," $12,915.13 ",72,Action,,, Casino Royale,167.4,40.8,24.4,3434," $11,881.19 ",81,Action,,, Mission: Impossible III,134,47.7,35.6,4054," $11,766.16 ",66,Action,,, The Departed,132.4,26.9,20.3,3017," $8,916.14 ",86,Action,,, Inside Man,88.5,29,32.7,2818," $10,290.99 ",76,Action,,, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith,380.3,108.4,28.5,3661," $29,609.40 ",68,Action,,,
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This note was uploaded on 09/19/2009 for the course MATH compstat taught by Professor Qian during the Spring '09 term at FAU.

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movie1 - Sheet1

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