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% % HW 11 % clear; format long; f %1a a=1; b=1.5; ffun = inline('x^2*log(x)','x'); ans1a = [b-a]/2*feval(ffun,((b-a)/sqrt(3)+b+a)/2)+[b-a]/2*feval(ffun,(-(b- a)/sqrt(3)+b+a)/2) a %2a ans2a = [b-a]/2*[5/9*feval(ffun,((b-a)*sqrt(.6)+b+a)/2)+8/9*feval(ffun, (b+a)/2)+5/9*feval(ffun,(-(b-a)*sqrt(.6)+b+a)/2)] ( %3a ans2a = [b-a]/2*[.3478548451*feval(ffun,((b-
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Unformatted text preview: a)*.8611363116+b+a)/2)+.6521451549*feval(ffun,((b-a)*.3399810436+b+a)/2)+.6521451549*feval(ffun,(-(b-a)*.3399810436+b+a)/2)+.3478548451*feval(ffun,(-(b-a)*.8611363116+b+a)/2)] a ans1a = a 0.192268706370918 ans2a = a 0.192259377256879 ans2a = a 0.192259357804156...
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