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sft_evaluate - output t the value of the trigonometric...

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function t = sft_evaluate (b,x) % usage: t = sft_evaluate (b,x) % evaluates the trigonometric polynomial % sft stands for Slow Fourier Transform % input % b the Fourier coefficients, from sft_get_coefficients % x the points at which to evaluate the trig poly % each x_k is between 0 and 2*pi
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Unformatted text preview: % output % t the value of the trigonometric polynomial n=length(b); deg=n-1; t=zeros(size(x)); t= t+ b(deg+1); c=exp(i*x); % t is a polynomial in c of degree deg --- use Horner's rule to evaluate for k=deg:-1:1 t=t.*c+b(k); end;...
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