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The videos about Botnets are very interesting and informative. It has a lot of useful information which makes us more conscious about computer security. The part 1 of the video describes how the attach called the Botheader creates malicious Trojan called Botclient which infects one clueless victim. And the scary part is,it is not visible. The Botclient in turn sends a message to the command center which infects other computers. The steps commanding,controlling and recruiting the bots are very interesting and scary. It tells us how the hackers spread the Botcode through E-mail attachments,music download on bit torrent,exploiting unpatched Microsoft vulnerabilities hosted on the website that pushes it to the visitors etc. . which makes us feel more conscious as we sometimes open unknown e-mail attachments and we do download music on bit torrents. The second part of the video demonstrates an example of the Botheader dealing with online store. It shows us how easy it is for a Botheader to co-ordinate an attack. It tells us about Rlogin which is a
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