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homework 6 sept 13

homework 6 sept 13 - Financial Accounting Homework E4-1...

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Financial Accounting Homework E4-1, E4-6, E4-7, E4-17 E4-1 Darrius consultants, Inc provides marketing research for clients in the retail industry. The company had the following unadjusted balances at September 30, 2010. Prepare in good form an unadjusted trial balance for Darrius consultants, Inc at September 30, 2010.
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E4-6 Heald’s variety store is completing the accounting process for the year just ended, December 31, 2011. The transactions during 2011 have been journalized and posted. The following data with respect to adjusting entries are available. a. Office supplies on hand at January 1, 2011, totaled $350. Office supplies purchased and debited to Office Supplies during the year amounted to $500. The year end count showed $275 of supplies on hand b. Wages earned by employees during December 2011, unpaid and unrecorded at December 31, 2011, amounted to $2,200. The last payroll was December 28; the next payroll will be January 6, 2012. c. Three fourths of the basement of the store is rented for $1,600 per month to another merchant, M dittman Inc. Dittman sells compatible, but not competitive merchandise. On nov 1, 2011, the store collected six months’ rent in the amount of $9,600 in advance from Dittman; it was credited in full to unearned rent revenue when collected. d. The remaining basement space is rented to Kathy’s specialty shop for $480 per month, payable monthly. On December 31, 2011, the rent for November and December 2011 had not been collected or recorded. Collection is expected
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homework 6 sept 13 - Financial Accounting Homework E4-1...

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