sept 2 - homework 3 continued

sept 2 - homework 3 continued - current asset NCA for...

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AP2-1 : According to a recent form 10-K report of Mattel, Inc. The company ‘designs, manufacturers, and markets a broad variety of toy products worldwide.’ Mattel’s brands include Barbie ®, hot Wheels, Fisher Price toys, and American Girl brand dolls and accessories. The following are several of the accounts from a recent balance sheet. Balance Sheet Class. Debit/Credit (1) Accounts Receivable ________ _________ (2) Prepaid Expenses ________ _________ (3) Inventories ________ _________ (4) Long term debt ________ _________ (5) Cash and cash equivalents ________ _________ (6) Accounts payable ________ _________ (7) Income taxes payable ________ _________ (8) Contributed Capital ________ _________ (9) Property, plant, equipment ________ _________ (10) Retained Earnings ________ _________ (11) Short term borrowings ________ _________ (12) Accrued liabilities ________ _________ (13) Goodwill (intangible asset) ________ _________ Required Indicate how each account normally should be categorized on a classified balance sheet. Use CA for
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Unformatted text preview: current asset, NCA for noncurrent asset, CL for current liability, NCL for noncurrent liability, and SE for stockholders equity. Also indicate whether the account normally has a debit or credit balance AP2-4 Using the events (a) through (h) in AP2-3 indicate whether each transaction is an investing (I) or financing (F) activity for the quarter and the direction of the effect on cash flows (+ for increase and – for decrease). If there is no effect on cash flows write NE a. Issued additional shares of stock for 1,020 cash b. Purchased 3,400 in additional intangibles for cash c. Sold equipment at its cost for 4020 cash d. Ordered 43,500 in wood and other raw materials for the manufacturing plants. e. Purchased property, plant, and equipment; paid 1830 in cash and signed additional long term notes for 9400 f. Sold at cost other assets for 310 cash g. Purchased 2980 in short term investments for cash h. Declared and paid $300 in dividends...
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sept 2 - homework 3 continued - current asset NCA for...

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