Homework 1 - writing seminar struggling to walk down East Avenue in high heels I ended up driving them to their destination The entire time I kept

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Ilana Edelman August 30, 2009 Service Mindset Assigment 1. Today, instead of going out at night with my friends I decided to stay in and instead be of service to them by helping the girls in my sorority get ready to go out and drive them into college town. My initial “service mindset” idea was to simply act as a chauffeur and provide rides from campus to other places around campus to just a few of my friends. This started out as a small gesture and it turned into me driving to and from collegetown seven times, picking up friends that I saw along the way and taking them wherever they needed to go. At one point I had stopped at a red light and saw a girl who was in my
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Unformatted text preview: writing seminar struggling to walk down East Avenue in high heels. I ended up driving them to their destination. The entire time I kept a smile on my face and had great conversations with everyone I drove. Everyone else seemed shocked at first and unsure if I was serious about offering rides, however I could tell that my simple act of kindness really brightened each one of their days. I discovered that doing something as simple as driving someone to his or her destination instead of watching them walk made me feel great about myself. I was really ha...
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