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Lecture 3 Readings 1. There are essentially three different corporate structures or business focuses in the lodging industry. What are they? 2. Which type of lodging corporations can a C-Corp lodging company not be active in? Franchising, Chain management, indepdent management company, owner/operator, non- REIT owner, REIT owner 3. Which type of corporate structure is exempt from corporate income taxes? 4. Public lodging businesses will either be structured as a C-Corp or a REIT. What are the
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Unformatted text preview: basic differences between a C-Corp and REIt? 5. The customer’s evaluation of the quality of a hotel’s service is dependent on the customer’s service experiences or service encounters. What are the three stages of the service encounter? 6. Why are quality and its requirements not easily articulated by customers? 7. What does the following statement mean? ‘quality is an elusive and indistinct construct.’...
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  • Fall '05
  • Corporation, corporate income, different corporate structures, C-Corp lodging company, Public lodging businesses

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