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Ilana Edelman September 6, 2009 Professional Business Document Starbucks Job Application Credibility o This job application immediately provides credibility to the reader. It has the Starbucks standard logo on the top left hand corner and Starbucks’ equal opportunity message is listed at the top. Immediately, the reader sees both of these things and knows that it is from Starbucks. Style o The application is on a standard template form. It is not handwritten and when it is compared to other job applications it shares universal features such as personal information and references. Questions asked are focused o According to GMC business documents should be written so that they “get to the point.” The Starbucks job application asks the reader four very straightforward questions (have you ever visited a Starbucks Coffee location?, What do you like
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Unformatted text preview: about coffee? Why would you like to work for Starbucks Coffee Co? Describe a specific situation where you have provided excellent customer service in your most recent position.) Each of these questions extracts a short response for the reader by providing only a few lines to write on. Design for High Skim Value o The document is logically organized into six sections, personal info, employment desired, education, questions, former employment and references. Each of these sections are bolded and in their own box. When reviewing this document it is easy to find exactly what one is looking for by simply going to the appropriate section. Proper spelling and grammar o There are no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors in the document....
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