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The Role of Authority & Conspiracy on September 11 th , 2001: The Terrorist Attacks: Who is telling the truth? Will we ever know? 9/11 Commission Report Government Doc Seeks to gain authority b simply being “the government” Evidence: specific dates, times, repetition of “we” at the beginning of the document 9/11 Commission Report: One Year Later Briefing of government panel with 9/11 victim family members Points out discrepancies in the “official report” Loose Change Full fledged conspiracy theory Although as a conspiracy document they denounce authority, at the same time they claim to be the authoritative figure E.L. Doctorow: False Documents -Gaining Authority by Denying Authorship -Which of these documents is narrative? Which is the true story? -Is the government, the families, or a third
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Unformatted text preview: party the true teller of the truth? E L Brian L Keeley: Of Conspiracy Theories • Looks at how a historical fact is bent, twisted, and interpreted many different ways which is correct • “explanation properly conducted” • Defines conspiracy theory offers explanation of event Tying it all together… The two lens texts will be weaved throughout a closer look at the three example texts. The event itself- 9/11- is not what is being studied here. The question is who provides the true account of what happened. The conspiracy theory text will be used to highlight the aspects of each document that make it a “conspiracy” and Doctorow will be used to look at how each “true story” exemplifies patterns of a false document....
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