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MEEN 651 Control System Design Homework 7: Nyquist Diagrams, Stability Margins Assigned: Tuesday, 14 Oct. 2008 Due: Tuesday, 21 Oct. 2008, 5:00 pm Textbook Problems Do the following problems from “ Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems ” 5 th ed., by Franklin et al. Problem 1) Problem 6.19 (you may use Matlab to do any part of the problem) Problem 2) Problem 6.24 Exam Problems Create problems that meet the following specifications: a) Problems that are feasible in an exam setting (completed in the time allotted with only a 4 function calculator) b) Problems that assess whether students understand underlying concepts and connections between course concepts, rather than just rote memorization of formulas, techniques, etc. c) No trick problems Problem 3) Create a set of 3 Nyquist diagrams and Root Locus plots (with Matlab) for students to match. Students should also be asked what conclusions they can draw about the stability of the open-loop AND closed loop systems from the plots. Create both the problem and a
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