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Sarah Friedman Individual Assignment 13 Hard Bop and Avant-Garde Jazz Hard Bop is a funky style that evolved from Bop in the 1950s. Hard Bop looked primarily to the blues for its influence. It also incorporated church and gospel music, using melodies and call-and response patterns. Hard bop was deeper and less fluid than Bop, and sometimes incorporated Africa and Cuban styles. Hard Bop often featured more discernible melodies, looser rhythm sections, and even more adventurousness in stretching the bounds of tonality and duration. Hard Bop compositions also tended to stem from original chord changes rather than blues progressions and pop songs. Like Hard Bop, Cool Jazz also stemmed from bebop. Cool jazz developed as a relatively slow-paced, well-structured, and subdued style of jazz, with a slightly narrow range of emotional expression. What was perhaps the most significant difference between Hard Bop and Cool was the difference in instrumental timbre. While musicians associated with Cool Jazz favored a round sound, Hard Bop musicians tended to strive for harsher tones, with more obvious vocal. Hard Bop used vibrato and pitch bends more commonly. Also, while Cool Jazz’s rhythm sections and drummers merely assumed subtle, unobtrusive roles, Hard Bop rhythm sections were brought to the forefront of the music. Despite their differences, both Hard Bop and Cool
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individ13 - Sarah Friedman Individual Assignment 13 Hard...

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