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Sarah Friedman Individual Assignment: 14/15 Fusion, Mainstream, Neo-Swing Fusion, also known as Jazz-Rock, is a combination of jazz improvisation with the command and rhythm of rock music. Fusion differs from conventional Jazz in several ways. The rhythm tends to be "straight" and less inclined to swing eighth notes. In addition, artists may make use of different meters, dividing the beat in half. Electric/electronic instruments such as the electric guitar, electric bass and synthesizer often replace traditional jazz instruments such as the saxophone, trumpet and acoustic bass. “Miles Runs the Voodoo Down,” by Miles Davis is one of my favorite fusion pieces, with which I became familiar with during my first music review. The grooving rhythm section, to me, stole the show. Davis’s soulful solo also stood out. Partway through his solo, the bass extends into a syncopated pattern that continues through more solos that seemed to be in perfect relationship with each other. The song, like the first time I heard it, left me very relaxed.
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