21 - Gender Development Janet Hyde 21/04/2009 13:07:00...

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Gender Development- Janet Hyde 21/04/2009 13:07:00 Infancy- up to 2 years Learning gender o By 6 months, infants can distinguish the category of female voices from the category of male voices o By 9 months, infants distinguish between male faces and female faces o Gender categories Gender differences: activity level o Boys are a little more active Gender similarities—e.g., smiling o In adulthood, women smile more Gender socialization and parents’ differential treatment o For the most part the same o Boys played with more roughly Preschool (2-5 years) Gender learning o Gender identity by 2 years They are confidence in stating what gender they are o Gender of others soon after o Gender constancy by 5-6 years o Associate certain occupations with men and others with women by age 5, why? Gender differences o Aggressive behavior o Toy and game preferences Gender socialization o Parents encourage gender-typed activities Over half of 4 yr old boys said their father would think it was “bad” if they played with girls’ toys
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Family variations o Mothers talk more and use more supportive speech with daughters
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21 - Gender Development Janet Hyde 21/04/2009 13:07:00...

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