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SECTION 1.7 Allowable Stresses and Allowable Loads 47 Solution 1.7-14 Piston and connecting rod P A B C M R L a d 5 diameter of rod AB F REE - BODY DIAGRAM OF PISTON The maximum allowable force P occurs when cos a has its smallest value, which means that a has its largest value. L ARGEST VALUE OF a P R P C a P 5 applied force (constant) C 5 compressive force in connecting rod R P 5 resultant of reaction forces between cylinder and piston (no friction) S F horiz 5 0 S 12 d P 2 C cos a5 0 P 5 C cos a M AXIMUM COMPRESSIVE FORCE C IN CONNECTING ROD C max c A c in which A c 5 area of connecting rod M AXIMUM ALLOWABLE FORCE P 5 s c A c cos a P 5 C max cos a A c 5 p d 2 4 A L B R C L 2 R 2 a The largest value of
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