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Solution 1.8-5 Bolted connection SECTION 1.8 Design for Axial Loads and Direct Shear 51 One bolt in double shear. P 5 1800 lb t allow 5 12,000 psi ± b 5 20,000 psi t 5 5 / 16 in. Find minimum diameter of bolt. B ASED UPON SHEAR IN THE BOLT B ASED UPON BEARING BETWEEN PLATE AND BOLT M INIMUM DIAMETER OF BOLT Shear governs. d min 5 0.309 in. d 5 P t s b Ê d 2 5 1800 lb ( 5 16 in.)(20,000 psi) 5 0.288 in. A bearing 5 P s b Ê dt 5 P s b d 1 5 B 2 P p t allow 5 B 2(1800 lb) p (12,000 psi) 5 0.309 in. d 2 5 2 P p t allow A bolt 5 P 2 t allow Ê p d 2 4 5 P 2 t allow P t P t Problem 1.8-6 A suspender on a suspension bridge consists of a cable that passes over the main cable (see figure) and supports the bridge deck, which is far below. The suspender is held in position by a metal tie that is prevented from sliding downward by clamps around the suspender cable. Let P represent the load in each part of the suspender cable, and
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