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SECTION 2.7 Strain Energy 147 Problem 2.7-12 A bungee cord that behaves linearly elastically has an unstressed length L 0 5 760 mm and a stiffness k 5 140 N/m. The cord is attached to two pegs, distance b 5 380 mm apart, and pulled at its midpoint by a force P 5 80 N (see figure). (a) How much strain energy U is stored in the cord? (b) What is the displacement d C of the point where the load is applied? (c) Compare the strain energy U with the quantity P d C /2. ( Note: The elongation of the cord is not small compared to its original length.) Solution 2.7-12 Bungee cord subjected to a load P . D IMENSIONS BEFORE THE LOAD P IS APPLIED C P B A b b 5 380mm Bungee cord: k 5 140N/m From triangle ACD: (1) D IMENSIONS AFTER THE LOAD P IS APPLIED Let x 5 distance CD Let L 1 5 stretched length of bungee cord
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