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Problem 5.5-23 A small dam of height h 5 6 ft is constructed of vertical wood beams AB , as shown in the figure. The wood beams, which have thickness t 5 2.5 in., are simply supported by horizontal steel beams at A and B . Construct a graph showing the maximum bending stress s max in the wood beams versus the depth d of the water above the lower support at B . Plot the stress s max (psi) as the ordinate and the depth d (ft) as the abscissa. ( Note: The weight density ± of water equals 62.4 lb/ft 3 .) Solution 5.5-23 Vertical wood beam in a dam SECTION 5.5 Normal Stresses in Beams 303 Wood beam Wood beam Steel beam Steel beam Side view Top view B A h d t t h 5 6 ft t 5 2.5 in. ± 5 62.4 lb/ft 3 Let b 5 width of beam (perpendicular to the figure) Let q 0 5 intensity of load at depth d q 0 5 ± bd A NALYSIS OF BEAM L 5 h 5 6 ft x 0 5 d B d 3 L R B 5 q 0 d 6 ¢ 3 2 d L R A 5 q 0 d 2 6 L M AXIMUM BENDING STRESS Section modulus:
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