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Fully Stressed Beams Problems 5.7-6 to 5.7-8 pertain to fully stressed beams of rectangular cross section. Consider only the bending stresses obtained from the flexure formula and disregard the weights of the beams. Problem 5.7-6 A cantilever beam AB having rectangular cross sections with constant width b and varying height h x is subjected to a uniform load of intensity q (see figure). How should the height h x vary as a function of x (measured from the free end of the beam) in order to have a fully stressed beam? (Express h x in terms of the height h B at the fixed end of the beam.) Solution 5.7-6 Fully stressed beam with constant width and varying height 326 CHAPTER 5 Stresses in Beams (Basic Topics) x h B h x h B h x A B b b q L h x 5 height at distance
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