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Unformatted text preview: A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to remove the with Axial Loads SECTION 5.12 Beams watermark Problem 5.12-4 A rigid frame ABC is formed by welding two steel pipes at B (see figure). Each pipe has cross-sectional area A 11.31 103 mm2, moment of inertia I 46.37 106 mm4, and outside diameter d 200 mm. Find the maximum tensile and compressive stresses t and c, respectively, in the frame due to the load P 8.0 kN if L H 1.4 m. B d d P H A C d L Solution 5.12-4 359 L Rigid frame N M AXIAL FORCE: N RA sin P sin 2 B V BENDING MOMENT: M RAL d A PL 2 TENSILE STRESS st RA RC BAR AB: H tan L sin d c P 2 P sin 2A PLd 4I P 8.0 kN L H 1.4 m sin 1 12 d 200 mm A 11.31 103 mm2 I 46.37 st H H2 diameter d/2 Mc I SUBSTITUTE NUMERICAL VALUES: Load P at midpoint B REACTIONS: RA N A ( 8.0 kN)(1 2 ) 2(11.31 103 mm2 ) 45º 106 mm4 ( 8.0 kN)(1.4 m)(200 mm) 4(46.37 106 mm4 ) 0.250 MPa 12.08 MPa 11.83 MPa (tension) L2 sc N A Mc I 0.250 MPa 12.08 MPa 12.33 MPa (compression) Problem 5.12-5 A palm tree weighing 1000 lb is inclined at an angle of 60° (see figure). The weight of the tree may be resolved into two resultant forces, a force P1 900 lb acting at a point 12 ft from the base and a force P2 100 lb acting at the top of the tree, which is 30 ft long. The diameter at the base of the tree is 14 in. Calculate the maximum tensile and compressive stresses t and c, respectively, at the base of the tree due to its weight. P2 = 100 lb 30 ft 12 ft P1 = 900 lb 60° ...
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