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Piston rod 5 mm 50 mm 225 mm P = 40 N Problem 1.2-2 Calculate the compressive stress s c in the circular piston rod (see figure) when a force P 5 40 N is applied to the brake pedal. Assume that the line of action of the force P is parallel to the piston rod, which has diameter 5 mm. Also, the other dimensions shown in the figure (50 mm and 225 mm) are measured perpen- dicular to the line of action of the force P . Solution 1.2-2 Free-body diagram of brake pedal Problem 1.2-3 A steel rod 110 ft long hangs inside a tall tower and holds a 200-pound weight at its lower end (see figure). If the diameter of the circular rod is 1 / 4 inch, calcu- late the maximum normal stress
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Unformatted text preview: s max in the rod, taking into account the weight of the rod itself. (Obtain the weight density of steel from Table H-1, Appendix H.) 2 CHAPTER 1 Tension, Compression, and Shear F 5 compressive force in piston rod d 5 diameter of piston rod 5 5 mm E QUILIBRIUM OF BRAKE PEDAL F (50 mm) 2 P (275 mm) 5 C OMPRESSIVE STRESS IN PISTON ROD ( d 5 5 mm) s c 5 F A 5 220 N p 4 (5 mm) 2 5 11.2 MPa F 5 P ¢ 275 mm 50 mm ≤ 5 (40 N) ¢ 275 50 ≤ 5 220 N © M A 5 ` ~ 50 mm 225 mm P = 40 N F A in. 200 lb 110 ft 1 4 — A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to remove the watermark...
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