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01-01ChapGere.0011 - kN m 3 L max 5 s max g T 2 g W s max 5...

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Problem 1.3-2 Imagine that a long wire of tungsten hangs vertically from a high-altitude balloon. (a) What is the greatest length (meters) it can have without breaking if the ultimate strength (or breaking strength) is 1500 MPa? (b) If the same wire hangs from a ship at sea, what is the greatest length? (Obtain the weight densities of tungsten and sea water from Table H-1, Appendix H.) Solution 1.3-2 Hanging wire of length L SECTION 1.3 Mechanical Properties of Materials 11 W 5 total weight of tungsten wire g T 5 weight density of tungsten 5 190 kN/m 3 g W 5 weight density of sea water 5 10.0 kN/m 3 A 5 cross-sectional area of wire s max 5 1500 MPa (breaking strength) (a) W IRE HANGING IN AIR W 5 g T AL 5 7900 m L max 5 s max g T 5 1500 MPa 190 kN / m 3 s max 5 W A 5 g T L (b) W IRE HANGING IN SEA WATER F 5 tensile force at top of wire F 5 ( g T 2 g W ) AL 5 8300 m 5 1500 MPa (190 2 10.0)
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Unformatted text preview: kN / m 3 L max 5 s max g T 2 g W s max 5 F A 5 ( g T 2 g W ) L L Problem 1.3-3 Three different materials, designated A, B, and C , are tested in tension using test specimens having diameters of 0.505 in. and gage lengths of 2.0 in. (see figure). At failure, the distances between the gage marks are found to be 2.13, 2.48, and 2.78 in., respectively. Also, at the failure cross sections the diameters are found to be 0.484, 0.398, and 0.253 in., respectively. Determine the percent elongation and percent reduction in area of each specimen, and then, using your own judgment, classify each material as brittle or ductile. Gage length P P A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to remove the watermark...
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