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Problem 1.6-6 A steel plate of dimensions 2.5 3 1.2 3 0.1 m is hoisted by a cable sling that has a clevis at each end (see figure). The pins through the clevises are 18 mm in diameter and are located 2.0 m apart. Each half of the cable is at an angle of 32° to the vertical. For these conditions, determine the average shear stress t aver in the pins and the average bearing stress s b between the steel plate and the pins. SECTION 1.6 Shear Stress and Strain 29 2.0 m Steel plate (2.5 × 1.2 × 0.1 m) Cable sling 32 ° 32 ° Clevis P Solution 1.6-6 Steel plate hoisted by a sling Dimensions of plate: 2.5 3 1.2 3 0.1 m Volume of plate: V 5 (2.5) (1.2) (0.1) m 5 0.300 m 3 Weight density of steel: g 5 77.0 kN/m
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