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Problem 1.6-10 A flexible connection consisting of rubber pads (thickness t 5 9 mm) bonded to steel plates is shown in the figure. The pads are 160 mm long and 80 mm wide. (a) Find the average shear strain g aver in the rubber if the force P 5 16 kN and the shear modulus for the rubber is G 5 1250 kPa. (b) Find the relative horizontal displacement d between the interior plate and the outer plates. 32 CHAPTER 1 Tension, Compression, and Shear P 2 P 2 P Rubber pad Rubber pad Section X-X X t = 9 mm X 80 mm t = 9 mm 160 mm Solution 1.6-10 Rubber pads bonded to steel plates Rubber pads: t 5 9mm Length L 5 160mm Width b 5 80mm G 5 1250kPa P 5 16kN (a) S HEAR STRESS AND STRAIN IN THE RUBBER PADS (b) H ORIZONTAL DISPLACEMENT d 5 g aver t 5 (0.50)(9mm) 5 4.50mm g aver 5 t aver G 5 625 kPa 1250 kPa 5 0.50 t aver 5 P / 2 bL 5 8 kN (80 mm)(160 mm) 5 625 kPa P 2 P 2 P Thickness t Rubber pad Problem 1.6-11 Aspherical fiberglass buoy used in an
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Unformatted text preview: underwater experiment is anchored in shallow water by a chain [see part (a) of the figure]. Because the buoy is posi-tioned just below the surface of the water, it is not expected to collapse from the water pressure. The chain is attached to the buoy by a shackle and pin [see part (b) of the figure]. The diameter of the pin is 0.5 in. and the thickness of the shackle is 0.25 in. The buoy has a diameter of 60 in. and weighs 1800 lb on land (not including the weight of the chain). (a) Determine the average shear stress t aver in the pin. (b) Determine the average bearing stress s b between the pin and the shackle. (a) (b) d Pin Shackle A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to remove the watermark...
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