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46 CHAPTER 1 Tension, Compression, and Shear Problem 1.7-13 A solid steel bar of diameter d 1 5 2.25 in. has a hole of diameter d 2 5 1.125 in. drilled through it (see figure). A steel pin of diameter d 2 passes through the hole and is attached to supports. Determine the maximum permissible tensile load P allow in the bar if the yield stress for shear in the pin is t Y 5 17,000 psi, the yield stress for tension in the bar is s Y 5 36,000 psi, and a factor of safety of 2.0 with respect to yielding is required. ( Hint: Use the formulas of Case 15, Appendix D.) P d 1 d 1 d 2 Solution 1.7-13 Bar with a hole d 1 5 2.25in. d 2 5 1.125in. From Case 15, Appendix D: a 5 arc cos d 2 / 2 d 1 / 2 5 arc cos d 2 d 1 r 5 d 1 2 5 1.125 in. A 5 2 r 2 ¢ a 2 ab r 2 A LLOWABLE LOAD BASED ON TENSION IN THE BAR A LLOWABLE LOAD BASED ON SHEAR IN THE PIN Double shear A LLOWABLE LOAD Shear in the pin governs. P
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