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52 CHAPTER 1 Tension, Compression, and Shear Solution 1.8-6 Suspender tie on a suspension bridge F 5 tensile force in cable above tie P 5 tensile force in cable below tie s allow 5 allowable tensile stress in the tie F ORCE TRIANGLE (a) M INIMUM REQUIRED AREA OF TIE (b) S UBSTITUTE NUMERICAL VALUES : P 5 130 kN u 5 75 8 s allow 5 80 MPa A min 5 435 mm 2 A min 5 T s allow 5 P cot u s allow T 5 P cot u cot u 5 T P P P u u Tie F F F REE - BODY DIAGRAM OF HALF THE TIE Note: Include a small amount of the cable in the free-body diagram T 5 tensile force in the tie P F T F u P T Problem 1.8-7 A square steel tube of length L 5 20 ft and width b 2 5 10.0 in. is hoisted by a crane (see figure). The tube hangs from a pin of diameter d that is held by the cables
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