If the wall thickness of the post is 15 mm what is

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Unformatted text preview: If the wall thickness of the post is 15 mm, what is the minimum permissible value of the outer diameter d2? d2 60 55 Cable Turnbuckle Post 60 Solution 1.8-10 30 T 30 T Tubular post with guy cables d2 d1 t outer diameter inner diameter wall thickness 15 mm T tensile force in a cable 110 kN allow AREA OF POST A 4 (d2 2 t(d2 d2 ) 1 t) 4 [d2 2 (d2 2t) 2 ] P EQUATE AREAS AND SOLVE FOR d2: 2T cos 30 sallow d2 2T cos 30 tsallow t(d2 t t) d2 35 MPa P compressive force in post 2T cos 30 SUBSTITUTE NUMERICAL VALUES: REQUIRED AREA OF POST A P sallow 2T cos 30 sallow (d2 ) min 131 mm Problem 1.8-11 A cage fo...
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