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Unformatted text preview: A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to Lengths of Axially watermark SECTION 2.2 Changes in remove the Loaded Members Problem 2.2-7 Two rigid bars, AB and CD, rest on a smooth horizontal surface (see figure). Bar AB is pivoted end A and bar CD is pivoted at end D. The bars are connected to each other by two linearly elastic springs of stiffness k. Before the load P is applied, the lengths of the springs are such that the bars are parallel and the springs are without stress. Derive a formula for the displacement C at point C when the load P is acting. (Assume that the bars rotate through very small angles under the action of the load P.) 67 b b A B C P D b Solution 2.2-7 b A Two bars connected by springs b B DISPLACEMENT DIAGRAMS B A b C P b D 2 B B C C C D 2 k C stiffness of springs displacement at point C due to load P B C 1 displacement of point B displacement of point C elongation of first spring B C FREE-BODY DIAGRAMS A b F1 F1 C P F2 b B F2 2 shortening of second spring C 2 B b b D 2 1 F1 k 4P ; 3k 2 F2 k 2P 3k Also, SOLVE THE EQUATIONS: F1 F2 tensile force in first spring compressive force in second spring 1 2 bF1 2bP 4P 3 2bF1 F2 2bF2 bF2 2P 3 0 0 F1 F2 2F2 2F1 2P C 1 2 B C 2 C 4P 3k 2P 3k C: EQUILIBRIUM MA MD 0 0 B 2 Eliminate 20P 9k B and obtain Solving, F1 ...
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