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Problem 2.2-13 A framework ABC consists of two rigid bars AB and BC , each having length b (see the first part of the figure). The bars have pin connections at A , B , and C and are joined by a spring of stiffness k . The spring is attached at the midpoints of the bars. The framework has a pin support at A and a roller support at C , and the bars are at an angle a to the hoizontal. When a vertical load P is applied at joint B (see the second part of the figure) the roller support C moves to the right, the spring is stretched, and the angle of the bars decreases from a to the angle u . Determine the angle u and the increase d in the distance between points A and C . (Use the following data; b 5 8.0 in., k 5 16 lb/in., a 5 45°, and P 5 10 lb.) SECTION 2.2 Changes in Lengths of Axially Loaded Members
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