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Problem 2.3-12 A post AB supporting equipment in a laboratory is tapered uniformly throughout its height H (see figure). The cross sections of the post are square, with dimensions b 3 b at the top and 1.5 b 3 1.5 b at the base. Derive a formula for the shortening d of the post due to the compressive load P acting at the top. (Assume that the angle of taper is small and disregard the weight of the post itself.) Solution 2.3-12 Tapered post SECTION 2.3 Changes in Lengths under Nonuniform Conditions 83 H P A B Ab b B 1.5 b 1.5 b Square cross sections b 5 width at A 1.5 b 5 width at B b y 5 width at distance y A y 5
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