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Unformatted text preview: A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com2.4 remove the watermark SECTION to Statically Indeterminate Structures Problem 2.4-6 A plastic rod AB of length L 0.5 m has a diameter d1 30 mm (see figure). A plastic sleeve CD of length c 0.3 m and outer diameter d2 45 mm is securely bonded to the rod so that no slippage can occur between the rod and the sleeve. The rod is made of an acrylic with modulus of elasticity E1 3.1 GPa and the sleeve is made of a polyamide with E2 2.5 GPa. (a) Calculate the elongation of the rod when it is pulled by axial forces P 12 kN. (b) If the sleeve is extended for the full length of the rod, what is the elongation? (c) If the sleeve is removed, what is the elongation? 93 d1 A P b C d2 D B P c L b Solution 2.4-6 Plastic rod with sleeve d1 C d2 D d1 A P B P b c L b P L 12 kN 500 mm E1 d1 d2 3.1 GPa 2.5 GPa d2 1 4 4 30 mm 45 mm b c 100 mm 300 mm (b) SLEEVE AT FULL LENGTH CD Rod: Sleeve: E2 Rod: A1 Sleeve: A2 E1A1 E2A2 1.36 mm (c) SLEEVE REMOVED L c (0.81815 mm) 500 mm 300 mm 706.86 mm2 2 (d2 2 d1 ) PL E1A1 2.74 mm 883.57 mm2 4.400 MN (a) ELONGATION OF ROD Part AC: Part CD: AC Pb E1A1 0.5476 mm CD Pc E1A1E2A2 0.81815 mm (From Eq. 2-13 of Example 2-5) 2 AC CD 1.91 mm ...
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