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Problem 2.4-7 The axially loaded bar ABCD shown in the figure is held between rigid supports. The bar has cross-sectional area A 1 from A to C and 2 A 1 from C to D . (a) Derive formulas for the reactions R A and R D at the ends of the bar. (b) Determine the displacements d B and d C at points B and C , respectively. (c) Draw a diagram in which the abscissa is the distance from the left-hand support to any point in the bar and the ordinate is the horizontal displacement d at that point. Solution 2.4-7 Bar with fixed ends 94 CHAPTER 2 Axially Loaded Members AB A 1 1.5 A 1 C P D L 4 L 4 L 2 F REE - BODY DIAGRAM OF BAR E QUATION OF EQUILIBRIUM © F horiz 5 0 R A 1 R D 5 P (Eq. 1) E QUATION OF COMPATIBILITY d AB 1 d BC 1 d CD 5 0 (Eq. 2) Positive means elongation. F ORCE - DISPLACEMENT EQUATIONS (Eqs. 3, 4) (Eq. 5) S OLUTION OF EQUATIONS
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