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SECTION 2.5 Misfits and Prestrains 115 Solution 2.5-13 Bar with a gap L 25 in. S 0.008 in. T 50 F (increase) 9.6 10 6 / F E 16 10 6 psi elongation of the bar if it is free to expand ( T ) L C elongation that is prevented by the support ( T ) L S e C strain in the bar due to the restraint C / L c stress in the bar Note: This result is valid only if ( T ) L S . (Otherwise, the gap is not closed). Substitute numerical values: 0.008 in.] 2,560 psi [ (9.6 10 6 F)(50 F)(25 in.) s c 16 10 6 psi 25 in. E e C E C L E L [ ( ¢ T ) L S ] L A B S Problem 2.5-14 A bar AB having length L and axial rigidity EA is fixed at end A (see figure). At the other end a small gap of dimension s exists between the end of the bar and a rigid surface. A load P acts on the bar at point C , which is two-thirds of the length from the fixed end. If the support reactions produced by the load P are to be equal in magnitude, what should be the size s of the gap? Solution 2.5-14 Bar with a gap (load P ) B A C P 2 L 3 L 3 s L length of bar S size of gap
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