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SECTION 2.5 Misfits and Prestrains 117 Problem 2.5-16 A rigid steel plate is supported by three posts of high-strength concrete each having an effective cross-sectional area A 5 40,000 mm 2 and length L 5 2 m (see figure). Before the load P is applied, the middle post is shorter than the others by an amount s 5 1.0 mm. Determine the maximum allowable load P allow if the allowable compressive stress in the concrete is s allow 5 20 MPa. (Use E 5 30 GPa for concrete.) Solution 2.5-16 Plate supported by three posts S P C CC L s P C L s Steel plate s 5 size of gap 5 1.0 mm L 5 length of posts 5 2.0 m A 5 40,000 mm 2 s allow 5 20 MPa E 5 30 GPa C 5 concrete post D OES THE GAP CLOSE ? Stress in the two outer posts when the gap is just closed: Since this stress is less than the allowable stress, the allowable force P will close the gap. 5 15 MPa s 5 E e 5 E ¢
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