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Tree Ring - Tree ring data such as the width and density of...

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Ryan Zukowski Geological Perspective 4/22/06 Extra Credit Tree-Ring 1.) Can all wood be dated using tree-rings? Why or why not? Include 2 examples. Not all wood can be dated by using tree-rings because some trees grow internally, and therefore do not have any rings. One example is a palm tree. 2.) Describe one way tree-ring research is applied to studying factors that contribute to climate change over periods of 100s and 1000s of years. As tree rings grow over the lifetime of a tree, they form a record of year-by-year changes in climate, often stretching across hundreds and even thousands of years. These records are classified under the science of Dendroclimatology, which is the study of the relationship between climate and tree-growth parameter and their use in the reconstruction of past climates.
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Unformatted text preview: Tree ring data, such as the width and density of the tree rings provide information which is dated to a precise year. Some rings are larger than other and can show if there has been a lot of rain or very little rain. This tells us the past climate conditions just by examining the rings. 3.) How can natural disasters such as a forest fire affect the rings of a tree? If a fire does not completely kill a tree, it definitely leaves a scar, which can be recorded in the trees annual growth ring. Carefully examining the tree rings can provide enough information for us to tell exactly what year the fire occurred in. Performing cross sections with other trees can show the effects of climate on specific fire occurrences....
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Tree Ring - Tree ring data such as the width and density of...

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