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Problem 2.6-18 A tension member is to be constructed of two pieces of plastic glued along plane pq (see figure). For purposes of cutting and gluing, the angle u must be between 25° and 45°. The allowable stresses on the glued joint in tension and shear are 5.0 MPa and 3.0 MPa, respectively. (a) Determine the angle u so that the bar will carry the largest load P . (Assume that the strength of the glued joint controls the design.) (b) Determine the maximum allowable load P max if the cross-sectional area of the bar is 225 mm 2 . Solution 2.6-18 Bar in tension with glued joint 136 CHAPTER 2 Axially Loaded Members q p PP u 25 8, u , 45 8 A 5 225 mm 2 On glued joint: s allow 5 5.0 MPa t allow 5 3.0 MPa A LLOWABLE STRESS s x IN TENSION (1) t u 52 s x sin u cos u Since the direction of t u is immaterial, we can write: | t u | 5 s x sin u cos u or (2) G RAPH OF
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