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Problem 2.12-7 A circular steel rod AB of diameter d 0.60 in. is stretched tightly between two supports so that initially the tensile stress in the rod is 10 ksi (see figure). An axial force P is then applied to the rod at an intermediate location C . (a) Determine the plastic load P P if the material is elastoplastic with yield stress Y 36 ksi. (b) How is P P changed if the initial tensile stress is doubled to 20 ksi? Solution 2.12-7 Bar held between rigid supports SECTION 2.12 Elastoplastic Analysis 175 B A d B P A C d 0.6 in. Y 36 ksi Initial tensile stress 10 ksi (a) P LASTIC LOAD P P The presence of the initial tensile stress does not affect the plastic load. Both parts of the bar must yield in order to reach the plastic load. P OINT C : ( B ) I NITIAL TENSILE STRESS IS DOUBLED P P is not changed. 20.4 k P P 2 s Y A (2)(36 ksi) ¢ 4
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